Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comics to Come - August 2009

The physical Previewas book isn't on the shelves for another two weeks, but the big two (DC and Marvel) and the medium two (Image and Dark Horse) already have their solicitations for the month of August online. Let's dive in shall we:

- Captain Britain & MI13 is cancelled (with no solict announcement) with LAST month's issue. Paul Cornell, the writer, posted on his blog about it today. Sad to see it go.

- Daredevil #500 finally out (with no book last month) as Brubaker's last issue bridging to Andy Diggle's run. I've been collecting Daredevil continuously since Karl Kesel was on the book in 1996/1997 and love that it gets such great writers.

- Marvel Spotlight: Summer Events. Why does this make the list you ask? Is it that the original Human Torch is back? Already on it. How about the new creative team on Fantastic Four? Dale Eaglesham drawing a regular book, scooped up! "the REAL Clone Saga laid bare!" with Scarlet Spider on the cover! Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

- the Marvel Bromance trade. A collection of random stories of pairing of your Marvel favs! No forward by Brodie Jenner though...

- The Green Lantern Blackest Night train of six books a month from now until February 2010 rolls on. Not sure about the writer on BN: Titans, but I'm a completist.

- Another Kevin Smith Batman series with art by Walt Flanagan. I liked the first one, for what it's worth and was really surprised by Flanagan's art.

- The main Bat-universe books churn out another #1, Batgirl with an uknown quantity as writer and under the cowl. It's not Judd Winick, so I'll give it a read.

- Adventure Comics #1 spinning out of the long delayed Legion of 3 Worlds written by Geoff Johns and backups featuring Starman (no, not that one).

- Big, giant Superman crossover this month with annuals, Secret Files & another Jimmy Olsen Special. Great writers and my love of Superman will keep me involved.

- Doom Patrol! Written by Keith Giffen & JM DeMatties! Co-feature of the Metal Men! With art by Kevin Maguire! Exclamation points!

- Peter & Max: A Fables Novel. Ballsy move DC. That's quite the high price, but I'm used to buying funny books.

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