Friday, August 24, 2012

the LFC 500 - You Gotta Want It!

So, here it is, an idea that started as a goof less than 24 hours ago is going to be a real thing. Before we get to the rules you may be wondering why am I doing this?
If you read my previous post right here you will see my thoughts on the PWI 500 is and what true purpose it serves. My list will have no bias and will hopefully be used as a way to expose people in the wrestling community to new eyes. I’m, in no way, looking to gain financially, get more page views or followers with this experiment/venture. I did get an offer from a popular wrestling & pop culture website to be the exclusive host of the list. While I do appreciate the offer, I would like this to remain independent of anyone other than me. If you do run a blog, website, podcast or other media outlet, please feel free to repost, reblog, etc. this list anywhere you like.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the LFC 500 Prologue: Why the PWI 500 is Irrelevant

Let's get this out of the way. The PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) 500, a yearly list of the top wrestlers in the world started in 1991, sucks. In the past, it was just, for the most part, whoever was the WWE (then WWF) champion at the time was number one and the rest was as seemingly random as could be. The big two (WWF and WCW) would fill out the top 100-200 and the rest of the list was a who's who of nobodys and never would bes.
Until 1997.