Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three Guys from Nowhere - Episode Five

A bit late, but end up tackling The Flash: Rebirth #4, Fantastic Four #570 and Blackest Night: Titans #1. We also discuss hot dames and fellas in our funny books and it's your last chance to win that copy of the Reign in Hell tpb!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best of the Best - Previews for November 2009

The Three Guys from Nowhere show will be late this week (like Sunday late) so I figured I had time to put this together. Also, going to see Rob Zombie Presents Halloween 2 this weekend so that may get discussed on the show as well. Email us with feedback!!

Dark Horse One-Shot Wonders (page 23): a really neat idea by Dark Horse, giving single issue stories for exisiting characters (Star Wars and the Goon this month). Check out this cover:

Dark Horse wins two months in a row for best cover!

Great Ten #1 (page 82): a 10-issue maxi series of characters that debuted in 52 over three years ago and DC hasn't done anything of note with since. Maybe now's the time.

Batman: the Cat and the Bat TPB (page 90): this collects issues #17-21 of Batman Confidential with tons of great Kevin Maguire art. If you missed it the first time, don't miss it now!

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love (page 116): a miniseries spinning out from the cool prior one off stories from the main Fables book about Cindy being the best spy ever. However, not being written by Bill Willingham has me a bit leary.

Image United (page 136): All the original Image creators (sans Jim Lee) return for the big crossover of all the original Image characters, written by Robert Kirkman. Unfortunately, I just don't care.

BOOM! Kids Line (page 218): Joining the exisiting Incredibles ongoing and the new Disney license (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck books) this month sees the addition of Toy Story, Cars, Muppet Show and WALL-E ongoings. This is where the future is people!

Amazing Spider-Man #611 (page M18): Joe Kelly returns to the character everyone loves (NOW!), Deadpool! Teaming up with Spidey! To take on Lady Stilt-Man! If it wasn't for that Poop Potato cover this month, this would have been my favorite!

Amazing Spider-Man #612 & #613 (page M19): And then Mark Waid brings back all the classic Spidey villains, starting with Electro! The Spider-Man books have been awesome of late!

Black Widow: Deadly Origins #1 (page M25): the rollout for Iron Man 2 begin here! With Black Widow and Whiplash (also featured in another mini this month) as the lead villains in the next Iron Man movie, they also get some face time in real Marvel U. Luckily, with Paul Cornell as the writer of this one, chances are it'll be pretty good.

Realm of Kings (page M49-M51): as one door closes (War of Kings), another opens (Realm of Kings). I got no problem with the continuation of the Marvel cosmic stuff as these aren't the same type of "events" we get elsewhere (see the X-Universe).

Strange (page M53): Mark Waid (he's very busy at Marvel) tackles what Stephen Strange is up to now that he's not Sorcerer Supreme. The last Strange mini series was written by Brian K Vaughn and I'm sure Waid will deliver a really cool story.

Deadpool Team-Up #899 (page M62): A THIRD Deadpool ongoing? Mike Sterling over at Progressive Ruin stated this is like "cutting open the goose to get those golden egss faster".
I'm not sure if I entirely agree as I'm a tried and true Wade fan and as long as the stories are good, I'll keep buying them!

PunisherMAX #1 (page M75): I guess it's all together as one word, pronounced really fast. Jokes aside, I'm pumped for Jason Aaron taking this title on. u>Scalped is great and his Ghost Rider stuff has been really good too.

Deadpool Classics vol. 3 TPB (page M107): More DEADPOOL! Every month is Deadpool month! I already have these is single issues but the fact they are FINALLY getting put back into print means everyone should buy them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Three Guys from Nowhere - Episode Four

A regular sized episode in our regular time slot!

This week, we discuss the SHAZAM movie, people who wear Yellow Hats, among other news and goings ons. From the read pile, we talk about Blackest Night: Superman #1, Batman: Streets of Gotham #3 and Daredevil #500.

There is some spoiler discussion regarding Daredevil, but you;ll see the method to our madness. The contest from last week is still on with no winner yet!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Guys from Nowhere - Episode Three

Early and short edition. This is on me, as I'm indisposed this weekend.

With THREE Blackest Night related books this week: Blackest Night #2, Green Lantern Corps #39 and Blackest Night Batman #1, this eats up the majority of the show.

We do our best to stay spoiler free. We even tell you how to avoid future spoilers! Also, a new contest with even more fabulous prizes!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Three Guys from Nowhere - episode two

We are back in our hopeful regular time slot, giving iTunes the 100 years to have it available for a reasonable time.

We cover a bunch of things, covering books we read this week: Amazing Spider-Man 601, War of Kings 6, Superman: World of New Krypton 6 and Doom Patrol 1 (check out the cool variant cover by Kevin Maguire!)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three Guys from Nowhere - episode one

This is the first podcast I have done "by myself." And by that I mean with DJ and Todd, two of my friends who are just as into comic books and all related things as well, If it weren't for them, this podcast would have never happened. So big ups to them. I would also like to mention other comic book podcasts such as Word Balloon and House to Astonish, that were big inspirations to me.

It's a bit shakey but it's our first run at this. If you dig comic books, give it a listen and pass it along!

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The Best of the Rest - Previews for October 2009

Tons of notes for the podcast and didn't get to everything I wanted to talk about from Previews. I know this i nothing new, every comic blogger does this, and now so do I:

Conan the Cimmerian #15 (page 26): I don't read Conan, but look at this cover:

Flipping ridiculous

the Escapist tpb (page 33): Such a great book from Brian K Vaughan, getting back in print. Everyone should check this out!

World's Finest #1 (page 77): Sterling Gates, Geoff Johns' protege, tackling the new Nightwing (Chris Kent) and Red Robin (Tim Drake) teaming up.

Justice League of America #38 (page 86): James Robinson and Mark Bagley take over the mail JL book. It's supposed to tie into Justice League: Cry for Justice, which is on issue 4 of a 7 issue mini series.

Haunt #1 (pages 135-140): As mentioned in the 'cast, I'll check out anything Robert Kirkman writes, but the premise is kinda cheesy and the art team, specifically Todd McFarlane on inks, doesn't give me hope that it will come out on time.

OZ: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz HC (page M4): the Marvel Classics oversized hard cover of the Wizard of Oz story. However, it has lovely Skottie Young art, so count me in.

Web of Spider-Man #1 (page M22): Taking the old Spider-Man Family book and trying to trick me into buying it? I came back to Amazing Spider-Man after all you've done. Don't push your luck!

Daredevil #501 (pages M31-M32): Angy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre, after much delays (issue #500, the List one shot) finally gets his new start on Daredevil. I've been following DD loyally for sometime and Diggle & De La Torre are a great match for this book.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (page M38): I dig Kang. I dig the Guardians. Pair em up, and I'm there!

Deadpool Month? (pages M71-M74): We have FIVE Deadpool books this month? Included in that a poster book and a Marvel Spotlight? Reaching issue #900? If this is what I get for you-know-who playing Wade in the Wolverine movie, I'm cool with that!

Stumptown #1 (page 294): Greg Rucka with a creator owned crime book from ONI. That sells itself.

Barbie Twilight Dolls (page 369): Ugh...