Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Summer Movies

For a majority of my entertainment (comic books, TV, video games, wrestling) I am under the belief that I look for anything that is either REALLY good or REALLY bad. I'm not a fan of middle of the road.

A sitcom or movie that simply panders to a specific audience with the same tired premise? Don't bother me.

A (potentially) great movie like Up or the new Star Trek film are a credit to not only other equally great movies but help shin a light on the crap, as mentioned above.

However, a truly bad film makes my mind spin and my mouth water. I saw such garbage as Freddy Got Fingered, the Rollerball remake and Gigli in the theaters. I go out of my way to watch the Sci-Fi originals and am upset that Hobgoblins 2 is on a very long wait on NetFlix.

The summer movie season is always ripe with either the best and the worst Hollywood has to offer. As the announcements were made, I was apathetic about two major films culled from my childhood: GI Joe and Transformers 2.

I saw the first Transformers film two years ago and was bored. An action movie where robots beat the snot out of each other and I fell asleep. I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

Then, the trailer for GI Joe that aired during the Super Bowl looked bland. It looked like a generic actioner with some big CGI effects and the Hasbro franchise taped to it.

I felt safe in the fact these movies would come and go without me seeing them and my life would be better for it.

Then, I hear on the dirty Intranet that both films are supposed to be horrible. Which makes me want to see them more than anything else.

Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Comic Cons this Weekend?

You would never know. This weekend is my fourth consecutive trip to Philly for Wizard World East. I can never get used to calling it "WWE." Being a wrestling fan, these letters have a different meaning for me.

The last few years, the Wizard Philly con has been lacking when comes to cool guests or goings. I know it will never compare to NY or San Diego, two years ago, when we had Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from Heroes), Chicago had Christopher Nolan and assorted cast members from the forthcoming Dark Knight movie.

Mentioning Heroes, also this weekend is Heroes Con in Charlotte which is the only con getting any sort of play online or anywhere for that matter. By booking TWO cons on the East Coast so close to each other (to me, 10 hours is close) forces many publishers to make hard choices.

And from the looks of things, Charlotte is the winner. When comparing the two talent line ups, Philly looks more like a gathering of improv troops, sci-fi TV stars and wrestlers from the 80s than a comic convention.

But, Philly still has a bunch of cool comic industry guests (Dan Didio, Art Baltazar, Garth Ennis, Shane Davis, Joe Kelly, Jeff Katz, Kevin Maguire, etc.) but all the talk is about Charlotte.

I look forward to Wizard World Philly every year and with rumors of it being the last, I plan on making the most of it and having the best time ever.

I just wish people knew it was going on...