Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Summer Movies

For a majority of my entertainment (comic books, TV, video games, wrestling) I am under the belief that I look for anything that is either REALLY good or REALLY bad. I'm not a fan of middle of the road.

A sitcom or movie that simply panders to a specific audience with the same tired premise? Don't bother me.

A (potentially) great movie like Up or the new Star Trek film are a credit to not only other equally great movies but help shin a light on the crap, as mentioned above.

However, a truly bad film makes my mind spin and my mouth water. I saw such garbage as Freddy Got Fingered, the Rollerball remake and Gigli in the theaters. I go out of my way to watch the Sci-Fi originals and am upset that Hobgoblins 2 is on a very long wait on NetFlix.

The summer movie season is always ripe with either the best and the worst Hollywood has to offer. As the announcements were made, I was apathetic about two major films culled from my childhood: GI Joe and Transformers 2.

I saw the first Transformers film two years ago and was bored. An action movie where robots beat the snot out of each other and I fell asleep. I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

Then, the trailer for GI Joe that aired during the Super Bowl looked bland. It looked like a generic actioner with some big CGI effects and the Hasbro franchise taped to it.

I felt safe in the fact these movies would come and go without me seeing them and my life would be better for it.

Then, I hear on the dirty Intranet that both films are supposed to be horrible. Which makes me want to see them more than anything else.

Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

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