Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best of the Best - January 2010

Getting this out early. Here's a sampling of what struck my fancy in this week's Previews, books to be released for January 2010. No mention of the Blackest Night skip month as we talked about it a few weeks ago. Much of this will be discussed on the podcast this weekend with special guest Jared from Who Cares What You Think Podcast. Onto January's books:

Blackest Night: the Flash #2 (page 59): Look at the sweet cover! One day I shall get my Captain Cold series by Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins

Batman & Robin #7 (page 71): Purposely skipped last month for some reason that MAY Blackest Night related as this arc is called "Blackest Knight." Awesome to see Cameron Stewart with Grant Morrison again.

All-Star Superman vol. 2 TPB (page 87): I'm down with Grant Morrison. Not everything (Batman RIP) but most of it. Glad to see this getting the softcover treatment.

Hitman: 10,000 Bullets TPB (page 88): Garth Ennis's Hitman is FINALLY getting back into print. I need to fill in the holes on my book shelf!

Joe the Barbarian (page 108): More Grant Morrison! Scoff away! It's an interesting premise, an eight issue maxi series and the first issue is a DOLLAR! At least give it a try!

the Losers vol. 1 & 2 (page 114): I missed out on this initially and I became a late fan of Andy Diggle with the Green Arrow: Year One book and have been following him on Thunderbolts and Daredevil. And appearantly, this is being made into a movie.

the Walking Dead #69 (page 157): I don't mention this book enough here or in the podcast. This book rocks every month in it's bleakness and depression. And those are the strong points. THE book I look forward to the most every month.

SEIGE!(page M4-M10): For those of you who heard episode #13 of the podcast, you know I checked out Dark Avengers #10 and really dug it. So much so, I'm searching out the past non-Utopia issues and Seige as well. My only real concern with all this is Bendis himself said (words to the effect of) "People are sick of huge crossovers so we're keeping this event to four issues." Which is correct, IF you don't count the OTHER four issue mini series, the three additional one shots and the three Avengers books it's crossing over into, it's nearly the size of Blackest Night. This is the return to the Avengers of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. I'll be checking out the Bendis written stuff at least.

Amazing Spider-Man #617-619 (page M21-M23): The Gauntlet continues as the old Spidey villains come back, bigger and badder. This month, it's the Rhino and Mysterio.

Black Widow: Deadly Origins #3 (page 30): There's something about this cover that is just odd to me. Maybe because most of Adi Granov's covers were on cosmic stuff.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #59 (page M47): Outside of Scott Kollins, Scottie Young is probably my favorite current comic artist. This cover looks like som much fun!

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7 (page M71): Speaking of fun, this is the begining of the Deadpool Corps! I get the joke of Deadpool and I'm finally glad that Marvel does as well.

Star Trek Captain's Log: Sulu (page 241): I'd don't follow Star Trek very closely and their comics even less. But it's George Takai! Oh my!

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