Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Guys from Nowhere - Episode 24

And we're BACK! This week, Todd and Joe discuss all these new fangled Avengers, Green Lantern in 3-D, which surprisingly brings up 3-D movies in general, the Office vs. Captain America and Gail Simone leaving a popular book. Since we were off last week, it's a yet another Blackest Night blow out with Blackest Night: JSA #3, Black Lantern Green Arrow #30 and Blackest Night #7. We also cover the Flash: Rebirth #7, the Walking Dead #70 and the infamous Justice League: Cry for Justice #7. And the origin of my dumb name! Check it, listen to it, rate it!

Links mentioned on the show:

- A Million senseless Deadpool varaints
- Gail Simone News
- A scathing review of Justice League: Cry for Justice #7
- Who are the New Avengers?

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