Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Months Later....

I felt obligated to do a blog post since I didn't want this to be a ghost blog, or whatever that is called. I do visit everyday as a hub for all the other blogs I go to.

Quite a bit has been going on in the last three months, but the ease of expressing my thoughts through Twitter has made this blog almost obsolete. But here's what's been going down:

- My wife is pregnant! This has been mostly kept private just because I'm weird like that but many, many people know. This has been long coming as we've been together eleven years this July and married five years this October, which is when the baby is due. I'm looking forward to fatherhood but from friends who are already parents, you are never ready.

- Due to the impending baby's arrival, the plan was made to cut back on many of my outside duties by the end of the year, but it appears that decision has been made sooner than I expected for me. Is that cryptic enough?

- The other main things in my life, comic book and wrestling are still running hot and heavy. As in I read a lot of comics and commentate a lot of wrestling. It's crazy to me how much these two things encompass so much of my life. Just the other day, Jerry and I spent HOURS pitching to each other an idea for a promotion THAT JUST MIGHT WORK but frustrates me as it may never see the light of day.

- Speaking of wrestling, after over six years of involvement, it's almost like I'm being accepted by fans and others. My favorite connection has been Mike Falcone and Tom Green of the exploding sensation Mike and Tom Present. I'm sure this mention will get them at least two more readers.

- Summer movie season is right around the corner and it's gonna be a big one! There is SEVEN movies I just have to see (Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Super 8, Green Lantern, Cars 2, Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens) and one I will be forced to see, the last Harry Potter film, which I refer to as a $13.00 3-D nap for me. This is the biggest movie season for me in a while and it breaks my heart that Green Lantern might be a huge disappointment. But I think I covered my thoughts on this here about a year and half ago. My casting predictions were WAY off!

That's enough for now. Maybe I'll talk about Super or some of the other movies I plan on seeing. Or something.

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