Thursday, September 1, 2011

DCnU - First Impressions

So here it is. The moment of truth for DC Comics. This past Wednesday was the launch of their newly revamped universe. The goal of which is to get more people buying comics and keeping them doing so.

I can't talk about Justice League #1 without talking about Flashpoint #5 first, the last chapter of the miniseries that was supposed to kick start the new DCU.

As you may know from prior blog entries, I'm am an unabashed DC apologist. I will defend the most widely regarded poor decisions with a "wait and see" attitude. But I really didn't like the Flashpoint miniseries as a whole. In that it, to me, it failed to tell an interesting story well and cleaarly link to the new universe. There is a good story in there, but at five issues, it felt padded. A reviewer on Comics Beat summed it up best in saying if you read issues #1 and #5, you lose absolutely nothing from the main story. That's a problem.

I'm going to limit spoilers but Flashpoint has some good character moments for Barry and Bruce (especially at the very end). It all wraps up with Barry, in trying to right the wrongs of the Flashpoint universe, joining the DC, Vertigo and Wildstorm universes. They were separated to keep them weak from an unknown pending threat. That's Flashpoint #5 in a nutshell.

Now, onto Justice League #1. The online community seems to be split on this, but for me, I can sum it up in one word: FUN. Which is what the majority of team comic books should be: FUN! I want to see what happens next. If you have never read these books or characters in print before, I feel this was a great primer for new fans. The problem is a larger number of people reading this book are people who have been comic fans for YEARS and are coming in very jaded.

Let me know what you thought if you read Justice League #1. And if you haven't, why not? You don't even need to leave your house to get it with DC's new day and date digital offerings.

Next week, I will try to have my thoughts on Action Comics #1, Animal Man #1, Batgirl #1, Justice League International #1 and Swamp Thing #1.

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