Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best of What I Read This Week

Guardians of the Galaxy # 10

Last issue, Jack Flagg proclaimed "I hate this cosmic stuff" and two years ago, I was in the same camp. I just never could get into or care about any Marvel or DC cosmic stuff. Gimmie Daredevil fighting ninjas or Superman smashing robots on earth and I was all set.

After much online lauding, I tried some of the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning cosmic stuff, starting with Annihilation and fell in love with it. I realized regardless of where it's happening, good characterization is good characterization.

One of the main folks I gravitated to was Peter Quill (aka Star Lord). Just a regular guy with no powers doing his best in a world populated by Thanoses and Silver Surfers. Currently, he's the disposed leaders of the Guardians of the Galaxy and this issue has Mr. Quill and the aforementioned Jack Flagg fending off an attack from Blastaar, the ruler of the Negative Zone.

See, back in Civil War (remember that?), Tony Stark and Reed Richards built a prison in Negative Zone to place any unregistered heroes and villains. With Secret Invasion said and done, it's mostly populated by villains. By taking over said prison gives Blastaar a direct pipeline to Earth, which is a VERY bad thing. The rest of the Guardians are on their way to help, but will they get there in time?

This issue also continues the build towards the next big cosmic event, War of Kings. It makes me very happy that these group of events are a) written by the same group to keep things coherent, b) don't crossover into forty books and c) is a very enjoyable read. If you read this and Nova (also written by Abnett and Lanning) you can get a great entry for the Marvel cosmic world.

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