Friday, February 27, 2009

Best of What I Read This Week

Nova # 22 "The Rapture"
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Andrea DeVito
Two weeks in a row, the Marvel cosmic stuff hits it out of the park.
Many people I speak to just can't get into Nova stating that it's the poor man's Green Lantern Corps. And at it's core (*rimshot*) it is. The last several issues has focused on other Nova Corps members than Richard Rider (the star of the book), but this issue in particular, is a recruitment drive, based on the events of issue 21 (no spoilers here, go out and buy it!).

And while similarities can be drawn towards Green Lantern, Nova is definitely it's own animal. Worldmind (the "brain" of the Nova Corps) is recruiting thousands of new members and some may say there is a more sinister motive to it all. This issue focuses on both sides of the coin, the reactions of the new members and those who are not and further explanation of what Worldmind is up to.
This issue does a great job of not only rewarding those who have been following Nova since the beginning of this current run, but also if this is your first issue of the book.

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