Friday, March 6, 2009

Best of What I Read This Week

Daredevil # 116 "Return of the King: Prologue"
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: David Aja
Daredevil has been on of Marvel's best books (to varying degrees) for the last 10 plus years. With writers varying from Karl Kesel, Joe Kelly, Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis and now Ed Brubaker, outside of a few scattered issues, has been a great read, even with the changes in tone from writer to writer.
When Ed Brubaker took the book over with issue #82 of this run, things have been going non-stop since. The run started with Matt Murdock in prison and his identity as Daredevil being known to the public. That story (collected in the trade the Devil in Cell Block D) is very good and highly recommended to anyone, whether you like Daredevil or not.
This issue is a continuation of past threads set up for the Kingpin. He has left the US and is living abroad, trying to escape his past life. There are many scenes where "the Kingpin" is referred to as a separate entity, almost like when Bruce Banner and the Hulk are treated as different people.
And I guess that's as good as an analogy as it gets. Wilson Fisk is afraid of the Kingpin returning and the storm he brings. Brubaker and Aja do such a good job of conveying how Fisk feels about this and really pulls you into the story. A very compelling and heartbreaking story.

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