Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ebay - the Scourge of the X-Box 360 Gamer

I've been a user (both seller and buyer) on ebay for quite sometime, going on 10 years with only one problem ever, a KitchenAid Mixer for my wife, which was handled and resolved very quickly.

However, since purchasing an X-Box 360 for Christmas (long story short, if Rock Band 2 actually WORKED on my PS2, I'd still be happy living in the past) I've been trying get some of my favorites (Katamari, Lego series, etc.) as cheaply as possible.

Usually ebay is the best place for low prices, however, for some reason, with three X-Box 360 games I 'attempted' to purchase since December, I've gotten fleeced.

Now, I'm no piker or rube and made sure I purchased from sellers with thousands and thousands of positive feedbacks, but this did not stop these sellers from IMMEDIATELY closing up shop the SECOND I send them the money.

I have gotten all my money back from from these frauds and had to treck to my local stores to get these games, however, I'm just putting this out there. I find it odd that off all my transactions through ebay, I've never had the frequency of problems I've had of recent once I started buying X-Box games.

Maybe someone's trying to tell me something...

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