Friday, April 17, 2009

Nice Try DC!

I am admittedly a pro-DC person, not that I hate Marvel or anything. I like the characters in the DCU a lot more. Reading last month's previews (for books arriving in June) I was excited by all the new Bat-related books. Interesting concepts (who is the new Batman? Who is the new Robin?), awesome creative teams (Paul Dini on TWO books, Morrison and Quitely together again), even the backups (Rucka writing the Question and Kate Spencer is back!) all had be pumped.

Except for one book.

The main Batman book is being written by Judd Winick. I am not one of these people who hate Judd for no reason. I have read some of his stuff. Barry Ween is funny, but not as funny as everyone thinks. Green Lantern and Green Arrow are especially derivative. A lot of the same templates seemingly recycled. I never read Exiles which people say is good.

But my true hatred for Mr. Winick comes from an Outsiders/Checkmate crossover from a few years back. It was co-written by Rucka and Judd, the latter handling the scripting. There in lies the problem.

With absolutely no exaggeration, this was the worst dialog I've ever read in all my comics reading history. It hurt me. It caused me to drop the crossover in midstream and swear off anything Judd Winick touches.

Now, the announcement comes out that Mark Bagley is going to be the regular artist on this aforementioned Batman title. As much as I love Bagley's work, Judd Winick will be responsible for the hole in my Bat-collection as long as he remains on the book.

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  1. The Outsiders/Checkmate crossover also killed me. I loved Checkmate but, i have a hole in my run because of those issues... I don't see how DC can team such a talent (Rucka) with such a dimwit (Winnick)...