Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Best of the Rest - Previews for October 2009

Tons of notes for the podcast and didn't get to everything I wanted to talk about from Previews. I know this i nothing new, every comic blogger does this, and now so do I:

Conan the Cimmerian #15 (page 26): I don't read Conan, but look at this cover:

Flipping ridiculous

the Escapist tpb (page 33): Such a great book from Brian K Vaughan, getting back in print. Everyone should check this out!

World's Finest #1 (page 77): Sterling Gates, Geoff Johns' protege, tackling the new Nightwing (Chris Kent) and Red Robin (Tim Drake) teaming up.

Justice League of America #38 (page 86): James Robinson and Mark Bagley take over the mail JL book. It's supposed to tie into Justice League: Cry for Justice, which is on issue 4 of a 7 issue mini series.

Haunt #1 (pages 135-140): As mentioned in the 'cast, I'll check out anything Robert Kirkman writes, but the premise is kinda cheesy and the art team, specifically Todd McFarlane on inks, doesn't give me hope that it will come out on time.

OZ: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz HC (page M4): the Marvel Classics oversized hard cover of the Wizard of Oz story. However, it has lovely Skottie Young art, so count me in.

Web of Spider-Man #1 (page M22): Taking the old Spider-Man Family book and trying to trick me into buying it? I came back to Amazing Spider-Man after all you've done. Don't push your luck!

Daredevil #501 (pages M31-M32): Angy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre, after much delays (issue #500, the List one shot) finally gets his new start on Daredevil. I've been following DD loyally for sometime and Diggle & De La Torre are a great match for this book.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (page M38): I dig Kang. I dig the Guardians. Pair em up, and I'm there!

Deadpool Month? (pages M71-M74): We have FIVE Deadpool books this month? Included in that a poster book and a Marvel Spotlight? Reaching issue #900? If this is what I get for you-know-who playing Wade in the Wolverine movie, I'm cool with that!

Stumptown #1 (page 294): Greg Rucka with a creator owned crime book from ONI. That sells itself.

Barbie Twilight Dolls (page 369): Ugh...

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