Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Guys from Nowhere Episode 32

This week, Todd and Joe talk about the passing of Frank Frazetta, getting our comics a day early, the end of Heroes, me never getting Suicide Squad, the beginning of the Heroic Age, Shadowland problems and Iron Man 2!

In books this week, it's a very heavy DC week. We cover Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne #1, the Flash #2, Booster Gold #32 and Justice League: Generation Lost #1.

Links Mentioned on the Show
Iron Man 2 currently in theaters
the end of Heroes
Suicide Squad Showcase delayed again!
Shadowland out of Control?
The Frazetta Legacy

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  1. Loved the podcast guys! JL:GL was a tie for my book of the week; only other competition for me was Amazing Spidey #631. Totally agree with Todd's list: noticed Atom's logo was wonky from panel to panel....

  2. I've been digging Amazing Spider-Man of later as well. Bachalo's art is awesome and this was the best written Zeb Wells storyline on ASM. That's tough competition against the likes of Mark Wiad, Joe Kelly, Fred Van Lente et al.