Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Let Me In with spoilers

So, I went to see Let Me In this weekend under protest. Kinda sort of. My wife and I were going to see The Town instead but Fandango had the wrong times listed on their site for my local theater.

I had many reservations about seeing this film as Let the Right One In was my favorite movie of 2008, neck and neck with Iron Man and when I saw a remake was being made, I cringed. After seeing it, I had very strong opinions about Let Me In so now's your last chance to turn back as here be the spoilers.

However, it does stay as true to the original as American movie making will allow. Little things like altering the lead character names, changing Abby's prey from bar patrons to people who live in the apartment complex don’t affect the original story one way or another. There are a few scenes of CGI which are out of place, unneeded and almost laughable.

And speaking of American movie making, those who do they think we are stupid. I’ve known this for a long time, but this movie REALLY cements it for me.

Did you need to have it beaten over your head that Let the Right One In took place in the 80’s? Well Let Me In does so at every turn. Also, in lieu of actual character development, they just give characters hobbies and such. Like Abby is into puzzles and Owen likes “Now and Laters” (a candy I know of vaguely). Is there any reason for this other than lazy script writing? Not really. The argument could be made it’s the Rubik’s Cube that begins their friendship, but it wasn’t needed in the original. They were both just lonely people.

Also, Abby’s ‘father’ very obviously started out as a young boy, much like Owen who gave up his whole life for Abby. They really go the extra mile in Let Me In to make sure you know this. One scene is very subtle and touching, the other is the movie equivalent of hitting you in the face with a brick.

Lastly, you know the big visual reveal that Abby is a boy? I knew they wouldn’t show it in Let Me In so instead Abby says dozens of times that she is a boy. Would it have been more powerful if we saw what was shown Let the Right One In? Probably.

All in all, it was a good movie experience that I liked slightly less because of my love for the original. Definitely check it out as it does not appear to be long for the theaters, coming in seventh at the box office this weekend. Or even better, check out Let the Right One In through Netflix Instaqueue.

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