Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Guys from Nowhere Episode 44

We have brought our biggest combat spoon to eat your tasty brains! This week, Todd and Joe talk about the books coming to your local comic shop in December, the Walking Dead going day and date through Comixology, back to back NY Cons and the new EIC at DC and how it relates to Ben Reilly.

In books released this week, we discuss Captain America #610, Action Comics # 893 with a Jimmy Olsen back up, Time Masters #3 and Crossed Family Values #4

Links Mentioned on the Show
Marvel Solicitations for December 2010
DC Comics Solicitations for December 2010
the Walking Dead online
Former EiC of Marvel now EiC of DC Comics
Life of Reilly a 35 part epic
Big Apple Comic Con this weekend
New York Comic Con next weekend

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