Friday, January 4, 2013

Wrestling is Fun! Feliz Banavidad Fallout

Coming off the final Wrestling is Fun! show of 2012, the ninth show in just 12 months, there is a TON to cover. Getting to see the entire show from the commentary table allows me to really take in the action and what all these matches mean in the grand scheme of things. From my personal notes taken on 12/29/12:

  • I love getting to see new faces in the ranks of professional wrestling and WiF! has a multitude of them. Going all the way back to the first event, to the very first time I ever saw “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti in action to the most recent shows featuring the debuts of assailANT, Juan Francisco de Coronado, Jaka, the Devastation Corporation and Oleg the Usurper, WiF! is jam packed with outstanding up and coming talent.
  • Speaking of those last few names, manager Sidney Bakabella brought Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive, the Devastation Corporation, to WiF! and has recently begun appearing in the corner of Oleg the Usurper, bringing much needed focus to the Usurper. While on commentary with me, Bakabella expressed much interest in Jaka as well. Could he be the next charge in Bakabella’s stable?
  • Jaka, who had been virtually unstoppable since debuting at WiF! in July suffered his first loss at the hands of Saturyne. To be honest with you, I was shocked! Saturyne, while impressive in 2012, has suffered a few injuries in the last few months and I would have been sure she would have been easy pickings for Jaka.
  • As I mentioned the new faces on WiF!, it’s great to see some old faces as well. World travelers like Jervis Cottonbelly and Stigma as well as Jolly Roger and Lance Steel have chosen WiF! as their home. Now, they just need to string together some victories to really cement their status.
  • A man who has more than cemented his status at the top of WiF! is the aforementioned Mark Angelosetti. A man who has competed on every WiF! event and was victorious in all contests but one encounter at the October 27th event at the hands of Mike Quackenbush in a Trios match. However, in singles action, he is undefeated and the current “Possessor of the Potassium.”
  • However, is he “Mister Wrestling Is Fun!?” There are those who would argue that fact:
    • Dasher Hatfield: Angelosetti’s step cousin in law and tag team partner in the Throwbacks, has also been on every WiF! event and also only suffered one loss in his WiF tenure.
    • Juan Francisco de Coronado: Another competitor who has been on ever WiF! event. The former Johnny Ego was on a quest to defeat all member of the Colony until Green Ant squashed his dreams. In October, de Coronado returned with a new attitude and back to his winning ways. He is also the WiF! representative on the first ever National Pro Wrestling Day on February 2nd. A victory there could really be the boost de Coronado’s career needs.
    • Green Ant: Another competitor who has battled on every WiF! event. His win loss record may not be that of Hatfield ort de Coronado’s from competing in so many multiple person matches, the Submission Specialist still can stake his claim as “Mister Wrestling is Fun!”
In short, Wrestling is Fun! capped of a great year with an exciting close to 2012. Be sure to check out the first WiF! event of 2013 on January 26th, live on iPPV from Smart Mark Video.
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