Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wrestling is Respect Rebirth 01/28/13

I had the pleasure to commentate the return of Wrestling is Respect at the end of January in Boonton, NJ. Rising from the ashes of the Pro Wrestling Respect promotion, which I had been a fan of in the past, I was interested to see how this reimagining would be. Suffice to say, what was presented was a hard hitting, action packed wrestling show!

  • The Wrestling in Respect event gave me the chance to see more new up and coming wrestlers on the circut, some of whom I've never had the chance to see before. Namely, Francis O'Rourke, who was very impressive in a victory over the Estonian Thunderfrog and Leech Landa, who came up on the losing end of a match with Drew Gulak.
  • Speaking of Drew, he is a wrestler who has come a LONG way since I first saw him in 2006, a skinny kid in an amatuer wrestling singlet and headgear. Whether be in Wrestling is Respect as the self proclaimed "Game Changer" or anywhere else, if you see Gulak's name on the lineup, you are watching the future of pro wrestling.
  • Some of the best women's wrestlers are featured in Wrestling in Respect as well. From a world travelled veteran in the name of Angel Orsini to some of the best up and coming female athletes like Kimber Lee and Saturyne, even the 2012 Pro Wrestlin Illustrated Rookie of the Year, Veda Scott, all of them were featured on the January Wrestling in Respect event. I hope to see even more top female athletes gracing the squared circle or Wrestling in Respect in the near future.
  • One of my favorite matches of 2012 was Green Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush so I was beyond ecstatic to see a rematch in Boonton. The veteran Quackenbush was able to gain the victory over the submission specialist in this encounter, however, a rematch was already signed for Wrestling in Respect return on March 24th and I cannot wait.
  • The main event was a great encounter which I think has a lot of ramifications. Originally scheduled to be Jigsaw taking on Delirious. However, Jigsaw was unable to attend the event due to a family emergency and his hand picked replacement was his near partner and apprentice, the Shard. I'm sure those in charge of Wrestling in Respect would have liked to had some say choice on who the replacement would be. Anyway, the Shard gave it his all but was no match for Delirious, who I haven't seen compete in almost two years, was at his craziest!

So keep it here in the next few days for an in depth look at this weekend's Wrestling is Art events in Massachusetts!

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