Monday, August 26, 2013

Wrestling is Fun! Cruel Summer iPPV Fallout

Two days removed from Wrestling is Fun!'s triumphant return to internet Pay Per View with another event last than seven days away, there is much to discuss:

  • Amasis was able to leave the Easton FunPlex with a victory over Oleg the Usurper is a hard hitting contest. The interference of one Sidney Bakabella (more on him later!) notwithstanding, the Usurper was unable to wrest the banana from the Madjai of the Egyptian Deities. This marks Amasis's third successful defense after a bit of hot potato action earlier in the year. Can Amasis make it to 2014 as the Possessor of the Potassium?
  • In a first time ever encounter, Dasher Hatfield did battle with his step cousin-in-law, Mr. Touchdown, Mark Angelosetti. Mr. Touchdown began his wrestling career as a partner of Dasher's, then eventually setting off on his own with a great deal of success. But most of his winning ways were directly related to his nefarious tactics. After months of sitting idly by, this summer Dasher took a more hands on approach in teaching Angelosetti a lesson about fair play.
    And on hand this evening in Easton was some of Hatfield's immediate family, include Dasher Jr. At a crucial moment in the match, it looked as though Angelosetti was prepared to win at any cost and prepared to level Dasher with the ring bell when his family begged and pleaded with him not to. As Mr. Touchdown battled with his feeling, he was quickly pinned by Dasher. After the match, however, the two shared an embrace with their family and finally the Throwbacks are on the same page.
  • Since November of last year, there have been several Eastern European competitors making Wrestling is Fun! their home. Starting with the Estonian Thunder Frog, soon he was followed by Latvian Proud Oak, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, the Lithuanian Snow Troll and Mr. Azerbaijan. There had been some alliances between these five, however, early this summer, a man known as Baron Sicklemeier, tried to align all of these competitors, in a Union of his lead.
    At Cruel Summer, as all the Eastern Europeans were victorious in the endeavors, the event ended on a down note for the Baltic Seige. During their battle with longtime rivals, the Batiri, the Estonian Thunder Frog's Hammer of Peace was destroyed and after rebuffing the Polar Baron's offer, were on the receiving end of a savage beating from Sicklemeier's Soviet Union.
  • Outside of one setback, Sidney Bakabella's Wrecking Crew were a force to be reckoned with this past Saturday with victories over various members of the Spectral Envoy. This issue is far from over as UltraMantis Black has stated he will lead a trio of Envoy members against Bakabella's Wrecking Crew this Sunday in Reading, PA.
  • Juan Francisco de Coronado, a man who arguably could have been Wrestling is Fun!'s MVP of 2012, since March of this year, has been on a losing streak. The blame for these continued losses, at least by de Coronado, lays squarely on his manservant, Herbert. Since last year, Herbert has been de Coronado's trusty confidant and regularly assisted his winning ways. Now that de Coranado is on the losing end of things, he's been very abusive to his manservant. The Ecuadorian superman is scheduled for a rematch with Shynron this Sunday in Reading, will he be able to return to his winning ways?
  • Wrestling is Fun! is on the front line of giving you the fans the most for your buck. As Cruel Summer took place on Smart Mark Video's streaming site, you were able to head over to 1-900-Wrestling-Is YouTube page for a 'second screen' experience, featuring pre and post-match interviews, analysis even a sing-a-long! The entire video is still available at the link in this paragraph, will this be featured this weekend in Reading, only one way to find out: SUBSCRIBE!

With all that behind us, Wrestling is Fun! action returns to Reading, PA this Sunday afternoon with the card looking as such:

  • the Osirian Portal vs. Los Ice Creams
  • AssailAnt vs. Proletariat Boar of Moldova
  • the Spectral Envoy vs. the Wrecking Crew
  • Green Ant vs. Orbit Adventure Ant
  • Eric Corvis vs. Missile Assault Ant
  • Shynron vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

If you want to join us live, just head over to the Events Page and get your tickets now!


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    1. Bakabella's Wresting Crew is:
      - Max Smashmaster
      - Blaster Mcmassive
      - Flex Rumblecrunch
      - Oleg the Usurper
      - Jaka
      Now, who knows if there are more members and he has not informed anyone which three will be in combat this Sunday.