Monday, September 16, 2013

Intense No More?

I try to be positive in this world of pro wrestling. I try and surround myself with people of this similar mindset and involve myself in promotions that push positivity. While I was not in attendance for what turned out to be the final Wrestling is Intense event, I was able to put together some high points for an overall depressing situation.

The Daywalkers, Alexandre Barnabus Castle and Mathias Cage had been a Midwest stalwart team. My first opportunity to see them was at this past Tag World Grand Prix after, at the prior Wrestling is Intense event, they allowed their dark side to come out, with a bit of an assist from Gangrel. They were able to continue their winning ways with a victory over the Brian Gott & Derek Cornell, the Beautiful Bodies.

Another great Midwest competitor, Christian Rose who was, up to this past Sunday, undefeated in Wrestling is Intense competition suffered his first and last loss to the Mustachioed Madman, Sue Jackson.

And in one of the biggest upsets in recent memory, the Estonian Thunder Frog, just shy of a year from his debut in pro wrestling, defeated Arik Cannon, one of the best wrestlers in the world!

However, everyone is talking about the main event. Jervis Cottonbelly taking on Darkness Crabtree. A match that definitely speaks to me and many wrestling fans who watch with a smile in their hearts. But a match in which we never would get a result.

About two week ago, word was seen online from the faction known as GEKIDO. A Twitter account that has all but been inactive for nearly a year. GEKIDO first made waves in the world of wrestling in February of 2012 in the CHIKARA promotion, setting their sights on the top competitors there, the Colony, Jigsaw and ‘Lightning’ Mike Quackenbush.

After several months of heated wars, a series of injuries on both sides, the final strike when came when Jigsaw, fed up with Quackenbush’s aggressions costing them countless matches, attacked his mentor, siding with the remaining GEKIDO member, the Shard.

We all thought we had heard the last of the GEKIDO. Members 17 and combatANT suffered, what we thought at the time, we career ending injuries. Perhaps their Twitter account was hacked? Maybe it was an empty threat?

However, it was worse than we could all imagine. 17 along with combatANT and deviANT disrupted the main event. Attacked anyone within arms reach, holding the event hostage until their demands were met. Their demands were for Wrestling is Intense General Manager, RobRoy Fingerhead, to close the doors on the entire promotion. Fingerhead, a man looking out for the interest and health of the wrestlers was left with no choice but to do just that. Wrestling is Intense is no more.

This saddens me to no end, not just because I was in talks with RobRoy to begin heading out to Illinois for future Wrestling is Intense events, but this is the second time in the last six months I’ve seen a wrestling promotion meet a similar fate.

I have a few questions myself:

  • Why now? What was it that brought the GEKIDO out of hiding? Was it a match that was announced?
  • When will they strike again or was this a one-off situation?
  • Who else will be involved? We've seen the Shard and assailANT go off and have success outside of the GEKIDO. Will they return to the fold?

I'll do my best to keep my eyes peeled and ears to the ground and I hear anything, I'll post it here!

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