Monday, November 11, 2013

Wrestling is Art Closes Up Shop

I don't get out for long distance travelling as much as I'd like these days, overnight trips just doesn't agree with me, but when the line up was finalized for the Wrestling is Art events set for Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I was sad I wasn't going to be there live. Two stacked line ups, but with a specter of uncertainty looming over them, many speculated what may happen, but no one could guess what would actually happen.

Huge matches announced with Colt Cabana not only taking on Tim Donst in a rematch from February but also facing off with one of the best technical wrestlers in the world in Drew Gulak. Estonian Thunderfrog taking on the hard hitting Frank O'Rourke, the Colony of Green Ant and assailANT taking on the Devastation Corporation as well as Green Ant finally getting his hands on Sidney Bakabella, I, as well as many others were psyched for this weekend. But there was one more thing, unofficially announced for this weekend and that was Sinn Bodhi/

Last month, the former Kizarny, posted this message on his Facebook page:

Wrestling is not art. I am art. Wrestling is a collection of extra ordinary people unfortunately devoid of accountability and empathy. Wrestling is a plethora of dangerous creatures acting cowardly and wretched. If only you knew what your heroes were truly like. If only you knew how badly they are letting you down. They assume that we are all stupid and will fall in line if herded in any given direction. If any of these clowns think for a minute that I was unaware that the Eye of Tyr was a fake then the joke is sorely on them. Life is Chess, not Checkers you silly false idols. Vengeance is timing. I am art. My name is taken for the only thing that unites us… Please beware; this is simply the calm before the Sinn.

As the Haverhill, Massachusetts event came to a close, many breathed a sigh of relief. There was no foretold incident preventing the East Greenwich, Rhode Island event from taking place.

On Sunday, Wrestling is Art Promoter Henry Babbitt signed over the company to Bodhi. Why he gave complete control of the company to Bodhi is unknown, but the change in power became evident at the end of a very scientific match between Colt Cabana and Drew Gulak. The two were hoping to have a few more minutes added after a double-pin left the match a draw. When Babbitt came through the curtain however, he was followed by Sinn Bodhi and The Odditorium, and then, further flanked by minions of Dr. Cube.

Bodhi reiterated several points he originally made on Facebook, referring to himself as a work of art before ordering the ring disassembled and the cameras shut off. Before leaving through the double doors of the Varnum Continental, he was confronted by Batiri members Kobald and Kodama, but Bodhi either did not see them when making his exit, or ignored them completely, leaving both a bit confused.

The wrestlers and staff were given 30 minutes to vacate the premises. Afterward, Bodhi was spotted dancing down Division Street past Main Street, when he handed out the shredded remnants of a Wrestling is Art banner to passersby.

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