Monday, October 7, 2013

The End of Awesome?

As I prepared to write the recap for the latest Wrestling is Respect event (I've been slacking, but I've also been very busy with other projects), I began getting texts and tweets and emails about what happened in Nashua, NH at the Wrestling is Awesome event with only one image to be found:

Credit for photo to John Poulos who attended the event live.

Before we get into the show aftermath, I'd like to cover what happened before. At their August events, Wrestling is Awesome began a title tournament to crown their very first champion. As the field was narrowed down to eight, this led us to the first weekend in October in Fairfield, ME and Nashua, NH. There were definite favorites in Max Smashmaster, an unstoppable force, Frank O’Rourke, a man who is no stranger to winning tournaments, Juan Francisco de Coronado, who has been having a great 2013 and 3.0, Shane Matthews and Scott Parker, one of the best tag teams on the circuit, both going for singles gold.
As the Fairfield event ended we had a better idea of who would be the first Wrestling is Awesome Champion as Scott Parker was set to tangle with Max Smashmaster and Shane Matthews would go one-on-one with Frank O’Rourke in Nashua. I personally was hoping we would see 3.0 face each other. I’ve always had a soft spot for tag partners facing off with each other dating back to Ax & Smash of Demolition starting off the 1989 Royal Rumble. But the specter of Dr. Cube loomed over head.
We all saw the video online of Dr. Cube threats regarding this weekend's events:
This is not the first time Dr. Cube has interjected himself in events such as these, however, this would mark the first time in many years he turned his attentions to the world outside of Kaiju Big Battel. Was this an empty threat? What exactly did Dr. Cube have in mind?
Frank O’Rourke (I won’t even call him Francis in print) defeated Shane Matthews on route to the finals, even possibly injuring Big Magic’s leg in the process. Scott Parker, defying the odds was able to defeat Max Smashmaster, a man double his size, to advance the finals as well. How would Parker fare against the at times manic O’Rourke?
To the surprise of many, Scott Parker was able to best Frank O’Rourke and become the first ever Wrestling is Awesome champion. However, Parker’s celebration was cut short as, true to his word, Dr. Cube stormed the ring with a bevy of his minions, attacking everyone in sight. Several members of the locker room, aware and ready, attempted to turn back Dr. Cube but they fell as well.
With those Wrestling is Awesome roster members laid to waste, Dr. Cube set his sights on the title belt. When Wrestling is Awesome General Manager Hubbell Bensen pleaded with Dr. Cube to leave without the title, as all his finances were tied into this. This knowledge only seemed to enrage Dr. Cube more who not only took the money made at the door by slashed the Wrestling is Awesome banner as well.
So, here we are. No belt, no money, nothing. Bensen is broke due to the actions of Dr. Cube and the company cannot continue. I can only hope this satiates Dr. Cube evil quests and he can be satisfied with this destruction.

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