Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Best of the Best - Previews for December 2009

A rather light month, at least for me. We'll touch on all this on the podcast this weekend, but here's my jump start:

Empowered one shot (page 26): previously only collected as black and white digest sized dealies, angled towards the Manga crowd, I guess. Very excited to see Adam Warren's awesome art in full color and can only hope this is the begining of an ongoing series.

Green Lantern Corps #43 (page 61): Spoilers away! It's on the cover but should be no surprise the Guy Garnder is going to be a Red Lantern. That cover rules...

Blackest Night: the Flash #1 (page 62): ..but not as much as this one! Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins return to the Flash, spinning out of Rebirth, crossing into Blackest Night right into the new Flash ongoing in April!

JSA All-Stars #1 (page 86): Not sure why people are in a tizzy about this. Both Bill Willingham and Matt Sturgis all but hinted at this in their initial interview when they took over the book.

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield (page M6): I like that cute rhyming thing with the title. This obviously means that Captain America: Reborn doesn't answer this question. Kinda like War of Kings:Who will Rule.

Thunderbolts #139 (page M50): With Jeff Parker taking over this book (I think his first issue comes out this week) I'm happy to see the Agents of Atlas showing up here.

Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection GN-TPB (page M100): Surprised to see this getting a reprint like this, with Super Hero Squad or whatever taking over this spot on the Marvel shevles. If I didn't already have all the digests, I'd be getting this.

Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel TPB (page M115): We end with a very odd collection. It could be argued that Bendis really turned things around for Marvel, starting with Ultimate Spider-Man. I've kinda fallen off from his super-hero stuff but could read things like Alias or Torso over and over again. Fourtune & Glory (which is great) is getting the hardcover treatment this month as well.

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