Friday, February 22, 2013

Wrestling is Fun! With Great Potassium Comes Great Responsibility Preview

After being "froze out" in January (pun intended), Wrestling is Fun! returns to live action this Saturday, February 23rd, at the West End Youth Center in Allentown, PA with a huge card!:

  • The main event is the defense of the coveted banana by Mr. Touchdown, Mark Angelosetti against possibly his toughest challenge to date, the Nightmare Warrior, Hallowicked. 'Wicked is world travelled and much respected everywhere in the wrestling world and stands a great chance of wresting the banana away from Mr. Touchdown. However, Angelosetti has defeated Fire Ant, Green Ant and Mike Quackenbush in defense of the potassium and has only suffered one loss in his Wrestling is Fun! career. The experience edge goes to Hallowicked and Mr. Touchdown will need every trick in his playbook if he hopes to get out of this match with his title.
  • In another first time encounter, "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush takes on young upstart Juan Francisco de Coronado. After rechristening himself with the discovery of his Ecuadorian roots this past October, de Coronado has been on a tear, with victories over Green Ant, Saturyne and Lance Steel. However, this is Mike Quackenbush we're talking about! A 15 year plus veteran, has held titles everywhere he has competed and head trainer of the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory. I think we can see Juan Francisco's rebirth come to a fiery end this Saturday.
  • Since there debut in Wrestling is Fun! back in July 2012, no other team has caused more discussion in the wrestling world than Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive, the Devastation Corporation. Under the tutelage of Sidney Bakabella they have mowed down everyone in their way. Some may say that the Devastation Corporation have had an easy go of things, but just last month they scored a huge victory over the aforementioned Hallowicked & Frightmare. This victory, along with countless others all over the United States, cements their status as a threat in professional wrestling. This Saturday, they will be put to a true test as they do battle with the Colony of Fire Ant & Green Ant!
  • As his campaign as "Mr. Wrestling is Fun!" continues as the Old Timey King of Swing Dasher Hatfield takes on Wrestling Observer 2009 Rookie of the Year, Frightmare. This is yet another first time encounter and Dasher, who only has one blemish on his record in WiF!, could have his work cut out for him against the high flying Frightmare!
  • In another huge tag team match, the Batiri of Kobald & Kodama take on the due of the Estonian Thunderfrog and Latvian Proud Oak. We saw Proud Oak come to the rescue of the Thunderfrog back in October and this weekend he finally makes his WiF! debut!
  • The currently undefeated Oleg the Usurper takes on the time displaced noble knight, Lance Steel in singles action as well. Steel is one of many competitors looking to start 2013 off with a victory but will have a HUGE hill to climb to defeat the Usurper.
  • Two more wrestlers of late making Wrestling is Fun! their home, STIGMA and Jolly Roger, face off one on one this Saturday as well. The argument can be made that 2012 was neither of their year, this match will do great towards momentum for one of these men in 2013!
  • Lastly, the intergalactic luchadora, Saturyne has an open challenge against a mystery competitor. Who could it be? Could it be a familiar face to the Wrestling is Fun! fans? Could it be an Allentown wrestling legend? Or could it be someone making their debut? There is only one way to find out!
Be there live this Saturday for as low as $10.00 a ticket and kids get in for free. You can head over to the official Wrestling is Fun! website to reserve your tickets and if you want to get caught up on everything Wrestling is Fun! has to offer, check out our friends at Smart Mark Video for all the past WiF! events for less than $5.00 a piece!

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