Thursday, July 16, 2009

...and Still Reading

Still plowing through yesterday's books with a few stragglers left to read. I had to break this up into TWO entries, as they are both kinda long and deal with two entirely different subjects.

Blackest Night #1: Great kick off to this HUGE event. Ivan Reis's art looked really nice and so far, even for the uninitiated, there's a LOT of information in this book, but it's not overwhelming.

Amazing Spider-Man #599: A bit late and the THREE different artists really reflect this. Was it worth is? I really dug the resolution between Harry and Norman but I feel like we've been here before.

Deadpool #12: Bullseye using his smarts? Deadpool being Deadpool? I liked this issue as it did not have tons of the triple internal dialogue that Daniel Way likes to use. And CLIFFHANGER ENDING!

Batman: Street of Gotham #2: the weakest of the new Batman Reborn stuff that I'm reading. I'll check it out for a bit longer for the Manhunter back up.

Walking Dead #63: A bit more is revealed about who is stalking the group and, to no surprise, it's for nefarious means. Also, you get Chew #1 for FREE. Get it for that alone!

Action Comics #879: The weakest of the current Superman books and I just wasn't feeling how the Captain Atom back up second feature fits into the grand scheme of things.

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1: We get the back story of Saint Walker and Mongul's son (the current Mongul) as well as our first glimpse of the Indigo Tribe in action but at $3.99, it felt a bit light.


  1. I'm surprised that Streets of Gotham is the weakest in your opinion. I think Sirens is the weakest. Especially in the art department. i am probably gonna drop them all anyway. I can't seem to get past the inconsistencies between the books. There are four Batman books out right now and its like none of the writers talk to each other. The costume is different in each book. In one book Robin Quit. i another Two-face has Dick figured out. But, none of them seem to reflect whats happening in the other books. Batman is like the new Wolverine. Put his name on the book to sell copies. Nevermind the quality

  2. I see your point how it's inconsistent, however, this is one of those things where you can think these are all happening at the same time. I'm sure the complete story of [u]Batman & Robin[/u] (first three issues) happens before the events of [U]Streets of Gotham[/U]. I'm trying not to let continuity get in the way.

    At least [U]Detective Comics[/U] has it right. While it is being released during the Batman Reborn stuff, it could technically be happening at any time.