Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Comics for 07/08/09

Here's what I'll be grabbing from my LCS today. You should too!

Green Lantern #43: while there has been smatterings of the impending Blackest Night event, this issue is the official kick off, which results in six issues a month for the next eight months. Thankfully the creators on these projects are good.

Superman: World of New Krypton #4: the Superman stuff has been great of late, with this being the strongest, IMO.

Wednesday Comics #1: the new DC weekly series. This time, it's only for the summer (12 issues) and in the style of the Sunday comics. It looks beautiful and this will be one of the few things I may double dip on if it gets a snazzy hardcover edition.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36: kinda odd placement as the American Son storyline isn't over yet and this is a prelude to issue #600, the wedding between Aunt May and J Jonah Jameson Sr.

War of Kings: Warriors #1: I'm shameless. I've come around on the Marvel space stuff and since this ties into the big War of Kings event, it gets added to the pile.

Crossed #6: speaking of piles. I filled in my gaps on this series at the Philly Wizard con and is still waiting to be read in full behind the last few weeks stuff.

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