Thursday, September 13, 2012

the LFC List part four - #15 to #1

The final stretch, the crème de le crème of RANDOM.ORG capabilities. I do get a kick out of folks being proud of their spot, I say you should all be proud for just being on the list. Next year, let's break 100!
    15. Sheriff Lonestar: Check out his awesome World of Sport blog, Seconds Away, Round One. You can follow him on Twitter @SheriffLonestar 14. Pantless Radio: while I have some issues with her show, I cannot fault Wiggy as a person and how hard she works for independent wrestling. You check out her main show, the mother ship if you will, Pantless Radio and follow her on Twitter @wiggygator 13. Nick Maniwa: One of the unsung heroes of independent wrestling. If someone works harder to get the word out about shows, promotions, or the wrestlers themselves, I've yet to meet him! He also has, arguable, the best Tumblr I've ever seen! You can follow him on the Twitter machine @NickManiwa 12. Jennifer Lynn A second woman in the top 15! Unheard of! Check out her awesome site, Wrestling Reflections and follow her on Twitter @pocketvolcano 11. PWPonderings: they claim to be Indy wrestling and I would be hard pressed to disagree. A mega hub for everything from podcasts, results, opinions related to the world of pro wrestling. Check out their site right here and follow them on Twitter @PWPonderings for live results where ever and when ever they happen! 10. Dwane Muncy: another member of the great Cucumber and Company video team. You can check out their work for NWA Mountain State and follow him on Twitter @dwanemuncy 9. Tom Green full disclosure, I know Tom personally and he is a great guy. Even if I didn't, another great behind the scenes guys, whether be from his humble beginnings with Fight Sports Midwest (ask him about it, he loves talking about it) to being the backbone of SOR: Class Wars, Tom is the man! You can follow him on Twitter @NotThatTomGreen. Oh yeah, you can also check out the other project he does with... 8. Joe Gagne: ...Joe Gagne's Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade! A great web series about the good and bad of wrestling video games throughout the years. You can find all these on the YouTube. Also, Joe is the host of one of my favorite podcasts, Joe vs. the World and you can follow him on Twitter @joegagne 7. Reed Bentley not the top rated wrestler on the list, but in my opinion, the one to keep your eye on. Don't be surprised if he's got a belt around his waist on national TV in the next 10 years. A surprisingly nice guys and nightmare for commentators everywhere. Go to his website and buy some stuff and follow him on Twitter @theReedBentley 6. Ben Pasco another situation where if this list was based on "Best Vest" it'd be no contest. Whether it be ruining the Classics, great blogs or Zandig photoshops, you can get it all at It's Raining Meng. You can also follow him on Twitter @benpasco 5. Kevin Ford the man who runs the Chikara Special, an unofficial blog for everything in the world of Chikara Pro. It's a thankless job and give Kevin a follow on Twitter @kford13 and show him some love! 4. Nikki Mayday a true swetheart in the world of pro wrestling. You may have seen her on Evolve wrestling shows or pretty much any midwest show but you can see her showcase her managerial skills at Dreamwave Wrestling and you can follow her on Twitter @pNutMayday 3. Mike Vaughn: a seven plus year vet of the Northeastern PA indy scene. Maniac Mike has won multiple singles and tag titles locally and is poised the breakout thanks to his recent alliance with the Diamond City Kings. You can follow him on Twitter @mvaughn167 2. Dr. Keith Lipinski: another great man in the world of pro wrestling. How great you ask? A podcast as part of Wrestling Observer still bears his name, even though he hasn't had anything to do with it for YEARS! From Wrestle Society X to Resistance Pro, you can find his smiling face attached. To find out more about the good doctor, visit your local library as most things online about him appear to be 40% lies and you can follow him on Twitter @KeithLipinski 1. Coach Leroy Skull: If this doesn't make him the top manager in the world, nothing will! The Coach is a nearly 12 year vet of the grappling game currently overseeing the careers of the Diamond City Kings, Matt Turner (#51 on the list) and Bruno DeMaio (#19 on the list) but has been known to put the boots on from time to time. My favorite quote about the Coach is "If anyone smartened him up, it would ruin him!" Follow him on Twitter @CoachLeroySkull

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  1. I'm happy to see Dwayne up there at #10! Hahaha, I worked as an intern of sorts to help film some wrestling one weekend. It's really silly but this small production company in Southern West Virginia has better production work than a big, big majority of other indy wrestling in the world!

    I know the list was completely random, I just want to congratulate everyone who made it higher than Jigsaw, including Professional Bowler, Vin Gerard