Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the LFC List Part Three - #30 to #16

Halfway through the list, let's dive into the next 15 entries! This is the first entry of someone who asked to be on the list and the only information I could find on them was a dead link. After multiple requests for more information, I received no response. And since this is done at random, they stay on the list. And there may be another one tomorrow. The clock is ticking.

30. Kevin Hellions: of the great wrestling and pop culture website, Team Hellions with tons of great content and where I go for my SmackDown spoilers. You can follow Kevin on Twitter @TeamHellions 29. Jigsaw: one of the biggest names in independent wrestling, competing for Chikara, Ring of Honor, Evolve and TNA Wrestling (as RUBIX). Also, a Jets fan, but don't hold that against him! You can follow Jig on Twitter @JigsawCHIKARA 28. Big Sue Jackson: my favorite big man currently in wrestling. A scary, intimidating individual from the Midwest and one third of the League (with Reed Bentley and Tripp Cassidy. You can catch Sue as part of SOR: Class Wars and you can follow him on Twitter @BigSueJackson 27. Jesse Smith: Member of the Deadites, the world's greatest Electro-Shock band! They also perform the theme music of Ophidian and host a video show called the Cryptocast and you can follow them on Twitter @eldorudo 26. Jeremy Spears You can follow him on Twitter @wafterlife 25. the Chikaratorium: host of a new monthly podcast interviewing the stars of Chikara Pro. You can find all the episodes here and follow the show on Twitter @Chikaratorium 24. Vin Gerard: A nearly 10 year veteran of wrestling who this past February retired from active competition but has been anything but since. He is currently nearing completion on a social media app called SnipStamp and has drawn the ire of the Pro Bowlers Association with videos like these. You can follow him on Twitter @VinGerard 23. Matt Ryan: the other half of the podcast, the Programme with Ben Gordon (#48 on this very list). You can listen to the show here and follow Matt on Twitter @ImMattRyan 22. Obariyon: Does making you the highest raked member of the Batiri make you the biggest creep? Find out more about Obariyon at his website and follow him on Twitter @theBatiri if you dare! 21. Derek Sabato: wrestling referee for over 10 years. Has been involved with the behind the scenes aspects of wrestling as well. One of the most outspoken folks I have ever met and that's why I love him. You check his website the High Phive for all your Philadelphia sports needs and follow him on Twitter @dereksabato 20. Tim Donst: former and self proclaimed Chikara Pro Greatest Young Lions Cup holder of all time and current Absolute Intense Wrestling champion. One of the hottest rising stars in all of wrestling but has been having a bit of a rough go over the last three months. You can follow him on Twitter @tdonst 19. Bruno DeMaio: Part of the Diamond City Kings tag team with Matt Turner (#51 on the list). A northeastern stalwart for the last 12 plus years and someone I've known for a long time. Follow him on Twitter @DCKBruno 18. Gregory Davis his website Dirty Dirty Sheets is the place to go for anything and everything in women's independent wrestling. You can follow Greg on Twitter @BigZ38 17. Chrisjen Hayme this Tennessee native has done it all and has not slowed down one bit. From Heartland Wrestling Association, IWA Deep South, Chikara Pro to Insanity Pro and promotions in between, there is no stopping this competitor. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisjenHayme 16. Troy Brolin: an unsung pro-wrestler from the North Carolina area. If you aren't booking him, you are making a huge mistake. Would be number one if this list wasn't random and based on "Nicest Guy in Wrestling." You have to follow him on Twitter @TroyBrolin

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