Saturday, September 1, 2012

the LFC List 2012 - Because I Got Less Than 500

The cut off was last night, I have my list and now it's time to make the donuts. The internet donuts.

Let's start right off with this: I only got sixty responses. Deep down I never thought I would really get 500 responses. This is going to to change the roll out of the list since there are must fewer people. It will probably start on September 10th with about 15 names a day.

The list is made and set already, 60 through 1, set in stone. I simply did one pass through RANDOM.ORG and went from there. Lots of surprises and debate to be had, I'm sure!

Between now and then, I will be compiling more information about those on the list. Some are easier, since they are a bit more public, others not so much. I will be getting in touch in some people to see what they would like in their write ups.

Once the list is published, we need to push this to as many people as we can. Just like before, link to it on your Twitter, your Facebook, your blog, mention it on your podcast. The more people see it, the more people will want it!

And one day, together, we will get to that 500!

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